About Me
I love Pink and I love to eat. Yet, I’m the world’s smallest Freelance Makeup Artist EVER! Haha.

Frequently Asked Questions

When did your love for makeup start?
It all started around the age of 6, Halloween was around the corner and I wanted to be a ghost. My dad then took an old pink pajama, a picture of a ghost, and a black pen and started. He sketched out such an awesome replica of the ghost - Amazed and inspired, it was then I started to love the artistic side of life.

Why do you love makeup?
Makeup does wonders. I love everything about it, from experimenting with colours to enhancing/minimizing features, creating/recreating looks, theatrical to prosthetic's, and everything in-between.  I would love to learn prosthetic's one day and be able to create all sorts of looks!

I love working with colours, yet I love the natural feel. My work is described as "Someone with an original approach to mainstream makeup art. Someone with an eye for attention to detail as well as precision; with the ability to bring out features without masking them. Stephanie has the charisma to add personality to a face by making it look effortless."  The beauty of makeup, it can fool your eyes! - Like I've got a semi nose bridge! Hahaha!

Do you love your job?
YES! I've always struggled with what career path to go down, but with the help of my best friend a few years ago I finally decided to go for my passion... I was not only motivated and encouraged but she stood behind me through it all.