About Steph Wong

Steph Wong is a certified Toronto freelance makeup artist, who also specializes in Eyelash Extensions, as well as Lash Lifts & Tints. She has been in the industry for nearly a decade with a Makeup and Skincare certification from Beauty Exchange. Steph Wong not only provides her own makeup and eyelash services, she works alongside Rachel Renna, and is part of the Eve Pearl team who airs on The Shopping Channel in Canada. 


When did the love of makeup start?
It started around the age of 6 on Halloween. Steph wanted to be a ghost for Halloween so her dad replicated an image of a ghost on some pink pajamas with a black pen.

Why makeup?
Makeup does wonders and the possibilities are endless! With makeup you are able to experiment with all sorts of colours, to enhancing features, creating or recreating looks, theatrical makeup to prosthetics, and everything in-between. 

Steph Wong loves working with colours, but also loves the natural look. Her work is often described as an "original approach to mainstream makeup art." She is someone with an eye for attention to detail and precision; with the ability to bring out an individual's features without masking them. Steph has the charisma to add personality to a face effortlessly. The beauty of makeup is that it can fool the eyes! 

Do you love your job?
YES! Anyone who struggles with choosing a career path in life will understand. Once you find your true passion, something that drives you - you will know that this is what you are meant to do. Steph knew this was the right choice with the love and support she got from her family and friends.